Quality Service

We believe that the key to our success is the personal relationships that we have developed with our customers over the years. Our experience in managing long and short term rental properties means top quality service and detailed reporting for maximum tax savings.

Property Inspections

In addition to the initial inspections, our staff and cleaning personnel periodically inspect and report to us. The condition upon a tenant’s arrival and upon their departure is monitored to protect your investment. Photographs of the exterior and interior are on file in our office.

Qualifying Tenants

All tenants are carefully screened ensuring the landlords of the best possible tenant. These background checks includes credit, background and criminal history. We want to be sure you get the best possible tenant; someone who will respect your property and care for it. Seasonal tenants are most likely to be repeat business from our years of short-term rental management in this area. They are familiar with our service and our inventory, often returning year after year before moving here permanently.


We use the latest technology in accounting software. We process tenants, funds and vendor services on line, as they occur. Our owners receive detailed monthly and annual summaries and 1099 tax statements to assist in tax reporting for maximum savings. Our services are also tax deductible. The choice is simple: you can relax, hire GREFM to manage your rental property, and deduct the cost of our service from your taxes. (if you were to do the work yourself, your time would not be deductible).

Frequently Asked Questions

The rental market here is economy driven, with most properties rented quickly. We receive rental inquiries daily via the internet and telephone. If your property is in good condition and properly priced, it should rent in a short time. When interest rates are low, potential tenants become buyers, causing a slow down in the rental market. We can make suggestions to help you attract tenants in this type of market.

Annual tenants are charged a fee to be screened through a national bureau, including previous landlords, credit, criminal and court searches. Season tenants pay all the rent before occupancy, and many are repeat customers.

An inspection is made when a tenant moves in, and again when they move out. If there is damage, we file a claim against their Security Deposit. Should the damage estimate exceed the deposit, the tenant is liable for the total, and a claim for additional money is filed. Fortunately, we do not have a history of significant damage over the years.

Our best sources for internet leads are the Multiple Listing Service and our web site. The Multiple Listing Services we subscribe to place our listings on 12 different sites including Realtor.com, hotpads.com, snoopzone.com and other popular sites.

We accept checks, money orders or cash. Annual rents are due the first day of each month, and late on the 5th day. Four percent late fees are assessed after the 5th. Seasonal or vacation rents are payable in full 60 days prior to tenant move-in.

Gateway Real Estate is a full service brokerage. Whether it is a personal residence or investment property, you will find a competent professional to assist you. Today’s market is so active, you need the advise of a knowledgeable agent, who knows this area better than anyone.

Property Owners Expectations

The purpose of this section is to present the benefits our property owners have come to expect from us. Gateway Real Estate has established a personal relationship with owners and tenants that has continued through the years. They have found that each of us has an obligation to the other, and to achieve our goals, those obligations must be honored.

We believe that by familiarizing you with the administrative process of how we lease and manage property, we can avid surprises that might occur later on. It is important that you realize that we will perform all our services like true professionals. The following synopsis outlines our pledge to respect your property and your investment, by giving you the finest, most professional, yet personal attention you deserve.

You can expect us to act quickly to find proper tenants, qualify them and remind them to care for your property. We use leases approved by the Supreme Court of Florida.

We are present in different advertising media and our web site brings us new clients daily.

A checklist form is completed at each move in and move out. Our cleaning personnel report any irregularities.

You will be informed on all activity in your property by telephone, email and regular mail as often as you wish.

The latest accounting software provides you with detailed information on a regular basis.

We use local maintenance professionals who know we demand good service at a fair price. We do not mark up subcontractor costs. We do not make money on normal repairs.

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